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Yuxin Shao(Valeria)

Born in China
​I am a artist

I am an artist from Anhui. I have loved art since I was a child. I studied oil painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University when I was in college. When I discovered my desire for contemporary art, I chose to study abroad to improve contemporary art. Now I'm a first year student at Chelsea College of Art

My works have always started from myself, discussing the relationship between with the world and myself, focusing on the taboos under human moral sense.To break the bounaries you have drawn for yourself and experience the immensity that you are.The aim is to unshackle yourself from the limited identity you have forged. as a result of your own ignrance, and live the initial way the Creator made you.


I am an art performancer.

  I am an painter.

    I am a moving image maker.




MAFA: Chelsea collage of art    2022-2024,  LONDON


BA: Shanghai university   2017-2021, CHINA


  Summer Excellent Work Exhibition-Shanghai University,Shanghai 

Promising Future-Shanghai  Young Artist Fair,Shanghai

National Youth Art Inv
itation Exhibition-Shanghai style art museum,Shanghai

Departure Lounge-Chelsea College of arts, London,UK

WAWA-Cookhouse Gallery,London,UK

MA SHOW, Cookhouse gallery, London,UK

Why we are here, Kensington park, London,UK
Weatherby's bank,London,UK
Tiny show,Cookhouse gallery, London,UK
IN tandem,Cookhouse gallery, London,UK
Common People, St Saviour's,London,UK
An intimate process of strangeness, Locky Pot gallery, London, UK
VR exhibition, Parallel festival, London&Hongkong 


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