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Sin of experience II
2023 ; art performance; 27'42''

For art performance I set two rules:
1:When I touch this rectangle I made, the bells will ring, I will be in pain.
2:When I cross the rectangle to go outside the circle, I will be pulled back.
The invisible man is like a social rule ban that invisibly condemns you to be right or wrong and pulls you back into the so-called political correctness, the influence of society is like an invisible pushing hand, and I have become this trapped beast that goes against the grain.

Sin of experience II-result
2023 ;oil painting on glassine;92cm*60cm

My paintings will produce traces in such an act, and for me traces are the result of a violence. I recreate in the picture with beautiful splendour, unnatural coverings, as I myself wander through society as if I were alive in the expectation of the crowd.

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